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Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplantation

Men of all countries and races have shared the tragedy of premature hair loss for thousands of years, always looking for a cure.

Basis if Hair Transplantation

Hair loss seems to affect us more in recent times considering the fact that it is a highly competitive and youth oriented society.

Causes of Hair loss

Androgenetic alopecia (male and female pattern baldness) is the most commonest cause of hairloss.

Grades of Hair loss

Type-II Does not require HT, can be managed with CMT. If patient desires hair line can be changed and removed.

Indications of Hair Transplantation

Indications for hair transplantation include : androgenic alopecia, male pattern alopecia...

Hair Loss and Restoration in Women

A woman also usually feels she must have a full head of hair to meet societal expectations.

Follicular Unit Micrografting

Modern techniques of surgical hair transplantation can restore lost hair and replace or re-shape your hairline...

Pre and Post HT Care

Follicular unit transplant is a planned surgery and it is in the interest of the patient to confirm the date of the transplant at least three weeks...

Medical Therapy

Presently, the world over there only two medications for male and one medication for female patients of pattern hair loss...

Results of Hair Transplantation

Results of Hair Transplantation may include the following images...