Dr Jagdish M jyoti - Cosmetic Surgeon,Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad, India.


Non - Surgical Face Lift(D-Liftos/Contour)

Q. What is "D-Liftos/Contour" Surgery?

Ans :We would like to present new method to remove wrinkles of the face, neck, up-lifting of flabby soft tissues and creation of new facial contours. D-Liftos/Contour threads are made of a monofiliment material called “Polypropylene” and this polypropylene is the same material which has been used for many years during routine surgery. These “D-Liftos/Contour Threads” are designed with unidirectional “cogs”. Once inserted under the skin, the “D-Liftos/Contour thread "cogs” will open up and form a support structure for the tissue of the face, even during facial animation.

Q. Who is a suitable candidate?

Ans : The D-Liftos/Contour procedure can be done at any age and is suitable, even for patient who are high risk and unfit for the surgery. The procedure is also ideal for patient who do not desire any operation or who can not afford absence from work.

Q. What is the difference between traditional face lift and D-Liftos/Contour?

Ans : Face lift surgery involves extensive cutting of tissues with attended risk and hospitalization. It will leave behind fine scars which may not be acceptable to the patients.

The D-Liftos/Contour technique in contrast is very simple to perform can be done under local anaesthesia with no downtime and it also provides equivalent result.

Q. How is the procedure performed?

Ans : The D-Liftos/Contour procedure involves small punctures in skin through which specially designed threads are introduced which lift and hold the tissues in desired position. This in turn will reverse the effect of ageing and give a pleasant youthful appearance.

Q. What precautions are necessary after D-Liftos/Contour?

Ans : No special care or precautions are necessary. Only the patient should refrain from vigorous massage of the treated area for a period of 2-3 weeks.

Q. What are the different procedure performed under "D-Liftos/Contour LIFT"?

Ans : The D-Liftos/Contour threads are used to lift sagging skin in the temple region, cheeks, nasolabial folds, jowl and neck.
D-Liftos/Contour wires are used to remove deep seated folds & depressions.
D-Liftos/Contour lift is used for lifting of sagging tissue of cheeks, neck and breast with prolene threads.
D-Liftos/Contour spiral is used for support to angle of mouth.