Dr Jagdish M jyoti - Cosmetic Surgeon,Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad, India.

Breast Lift

Q. What is the right age for breast lift surgery?

Ans : Breast lift can be performed at any age, preferably after the age of 18 years (breast development is complete).

Q. How is breast lift surgery performed?

Ans : Breast lift surgery removes the excess skin without disturbing the breast gland. Nipple areola is shifted upwards to an ideal position without detaching it from the breast. It is similar to wearing well fitting bra. Some techniques also tighten the breast tissue with internal stitches.

Q. Are there going to be scars on my breast?

There is usually a scar around the nipple areola and another one going vertically down from nipple till the breast crease. Scars on Indian skin tend to look like dark lines for the first 6 months and then gradually become lighter over next few years. It is rare for scars to become invisible.

Q. What are the complications of breast lift surgery?

Ans : Like any surgical procedure the complications are swelling, bleeding, infection, delayed wound healing and rarely hypertrophic scars seen.

Q. How will I look and feel after surgery?

Ans : The day after surgery, you will be encouraged to get out of bed for short periods of time. After a week usually, you will be able to move about more comfortably. Straining, bending and lifting must be avoided, however, since these activities might cause increased swelling or even bleeding. You may be instructed to sleep on your back to avoid pressure on your breasts.

Your dressings will be changed after 2 days in the doctor's clinic. You can have shower from 4th day after surgery and can remove your dressings and wash your breasts as well. You will be given instructions about self dressing at home after bath every day. Initially you will notice your breasts to be swollen and sometimes with black and blue patches. Breasts also feel numb and tender. Shape may look a little odd initially. You will wear a support bra for a few weeks, until the swelling and discoloration of your breasts diminishes. Generally, stitches are self-absorbable.

Normal Food Same day
Dressing Change After 48 hours
Bath 4th day
Pain 1 week (Relieved with painkiller medications)
Self Dressing For 10 days
Skin Discoloration 2-3 weeks
Swelling 1 month
Tenderness Mild for 1-2 months
Support Bra 6 weeks or more
Weeks or months

Q. When do I appreciate final results?

Ans : You will see the improvement immediately but final results come after 3-6 months after swelling goes down and tissues relax. The scars from the surgery will heal and fade over time. It is important to realize, however, that the incision lines will be permanently visible, more so in some individuals than others. Fortunately, the scars are in locations easily concealed by clothing, even low-cut necklines.

Q. How are the results of breast lift?

Ans : Unless you gain or lose a significant amount of weight or become pregnant, your breast shape should stay stable for years. However, gravity and the effects of aging will eventually alter the size and shape of virtually every woman’s breasts. Results last longer in smaller breasts than the larger ones. If, after a period of years, you become dissatisfied with the appearance of your breasts, you may choose to undergo another breast “lifting” procedure to restore their more youthful contour.

Q. How about breast feeding after breast surgery?

Ans : Normal breast feeding, breast lift surgery doesn't interfere with milk secretion.

Q. Any non surgical methods of breast lift?

Ans : There are creams, machines, exercises available but none work.

Q. What is the risk of breast cancer after breast lift surgery?

Ans : No