Dr Jagdish M jyoti - Cosmetic Surgeon,Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad, India.

Male Breast Reduction (Gynaecomastia)

Q. What is the cause of breast enlargement in men?

Ans : In Females Breast Develop under the influence of female hormones especially during puberty,pregnancy and breast feeding. Male Breasts remain under developed because lack of female hormones. During Puberty if there is imbalance in homonal level (increased female hormones). The male breasts grow like female breasts.

Q. Causes of gynaecomastia?

Ans : In most cases it is due to increased circulating female hormone(oestrogen) during puberty.

Q. What is the right age for Surgery?

Ans : Pubertal Gynaecomastia regresses by 18 years, if doesn't regress then after 18 years surgery is the right choice.

Q. Does Weight loss help in Reducing Gynaecomastia?

Ans : Weight loss doesn't help because true gynaecomastia is due to enlargement of gland with fat.

Q. Does it recur after Surgery?

Ans : No